The arrival point for new departures.

Trieste in the heart of Europe. Europe just a stone’s throw away. Trieste is the point of arrival for many new departures: a position that has made it a privileged territory since the time of the Serenissima Republic of Venice and later the Austrian Hapsburg Empire, to reach important commercial and tourist destinations. Between land and sea, east and west, north and south, Trieste has always been a hub for reaching new destinations and can be reached from many places of departure. The railway junction makes it a nerve centre for connections between Italy and Eastern Europe.

Borgo San Rocco

The airport being only 30 km away means you have flights close at hand. The motorway A4 gives you easy access to the city or leads to the border. A convenient and scenic bicycle track connects Borgo San Rocco to Muggia. Trieste brings different worlds together: here are some examples of distances. By land: Budapest 550 km, Ljubljana 94 km, Venice 158 km, Vienna 550 km. By sea: Portorose 11.0 M, Venice 59 M, Lignano 26 M, Grado 18.9 M.

Borgo San Rocco Borgo San Rocco