Muggia: where you can breathe in, savour and live the history.

Welcome to where flavours intermingle, recalling in their aroma the splendour of the glorious Venetian and Middle European culture. Welcome to the lanes and alleys that open onto surprising sea panoramas, onto the vitality of Piazza Marconi, or the picturesque little port of San Bartolomeo. Welcome to where history engages, narrates and surrounds you, taking the tourist back in time: to the 14th century castle in Muggia, to the 13th century Cathedral and Town Hall, and further back to early historic times, to the castle of Santa Barbara and the old part of Muggia.

Borgo San Rocco

Muggia is a journey that continues even after arriving there, by travelling through the centuries of its own history. And still today, it continues to arouse emotions through the local traditions: the typical local carnival, the “Carnival di Muja”, is not to be missed. Here the past and the present are interwoven in a constant dialogue with those that know how to listen.

Borgo San Rocco Borgo San Rocco