The apartments: every day a special welcome.

In Borgo San Rocco, there is a truly unique approach to accommodate you in the best possible way. Here, spaces of various square footage open onto a terrace with a panoramic and breathtaking view, where each unit is different from the others and special for its orientation, view and surface area. Here tranquillity is guaranteed: there can be no indiscreet gazing between units.

Borgo San Rocco

And tranquillity also means sleeping peacefully: the armoured door, finished in English style on the outside, guarantees complete security. And as well as security, there is a warm and welcoming ambience: the bleached oak flooring and the wood coloured ceiling beams will immediately surround you with a family atmosphere. The modern heating and cooling system with an A++ heat pump will ensure your wellbeing in every season. The centralised TV system is an added convenience at your disposal.

Borgo San Rocco Borgo San Rocco Borgo San Rocco

Here you are in the new dwellings of Borgo San Rocco: a special way of welcoming you, signed by the architect Luigi Vietti who has already enhanced projects in Cortina, Porto Cervo and in other prestigious locations with his skilful and esteemed pencil.

Borgo San Rocco Borgo San Rocco