A surprise in every corner

A village that deserves the best, just as those who visit it and spend time here deserve the best. A regeneration to give lustre to a little jewel that overlooks the Mediterranean, enhancing it with every functional and exclusive modern convenience. The renovation respects the original architecture, brightening it with colours and shades that give it a Mediterranean flavour. Innovative solutions blend with tradition to offer the best comfort to visitors and guests.

Borgo San Rocco

And the natural greenery embellishes the village that becomes even more one with nature. The services are many and varied to satisfy all tastes and all ages.

Borgo San Rocco Borgo San Rocco

For those that prefer movement and the open air a hired bicycle is ready to take you through unique scenery for a feeling of wellbeing on two wheels: the cycle trail follows a characteristic and ever stimulating itinerary. And a stroll along the itinerary reserved for walkers is just as inviting. For the more athletic-minded guest the fitness equipment and the covered swimming pool are an extra way of keeping even more in form. All you have to do is choose. And spend some time here.

Borgo San Rocco Borgo San Rocco