The west blends with the east: Slovenia and Croatia.

From Trieste, beyond Trieste. New landscapes to admire, new cultures to relate to, new worlds to discover that are revealed once over the border. Slovenia is there, just a step away, with its peaceful green hills, clad in a soft, lush vegetation, easy and pleasant to travel through in the car. Ljubljana greets you in a vivacious and very human atmosphere, worth being discovered. The surroundings: Lake Bled, Piran and its salt works, the Postojna Cave are unrepeatable, unmissable experiences.

Borgo San Rocco

And the journey continues towards the south-east where the land is flatter and leads more to the south, towards the sea, then going inland as far as Zagreb. Welcome to Croatia where the continental coast of more than 1,700 km and more than 4000 km of island coast have made it the favourite destination for lovers of boats, waves and life at the beach. But the marvels of Croatia are not only on the coast; Plitvice Lakes, Mount Velebit, the Krka National Park and its waterfalls offer a surprise around every corner.

Borgo San Rocco
Borgo San Rocco Borgo San Rocco