Trieste: a plurality of cultures, a single welcome.

The sea that caresses the land, history that inspires the future. Trieste has always been a crossroad of territories, cultures, nature, people and religions. The steeple of San Giusto harmonizes with the synagogue, the Greek-orthodox and the Serbian orthodox cathedrals. Trieste has always embraced and looked towards eastern lands.

Borgo San Rocco Borgo San Rocco

Trieste is Italy, it is Middle Europe, it overlooks the sea towards the south. It leads to eastern territories; it has been recognized as a free port since the time of the Hapsburg Empire. Trieste is all this and it is unique for being all this. A “Little Vienna” where the streets surprise you for their beauty, for the mingling of baroque, neoclassic, liberty and eighteenth century styles. In its bistros you breathe elegance, culture, class and the irresistible aroma of coffee: one of the city’s most famous products. Trieste is the setting that gives inspiration and animates the heart. Here the masterpieces of Saba, Joyce and Svevo came to life; here the works of many other artists have been created.

Trieste is an unmissable experience, in any season, in any occasion.